Pangas a Baja Tradition

Baja California is located South of the California state border with Mexico.

Bordered by Pacific Ocean on the western coast.

Closer to home, Punta Banda Baja California offer easy, inexpensive fishing destination just a short drive from San Diego located about two hours (100 miles) south of San Diego.


This small rural community of locals and ex-patriots is found at the southern end of Bahia Todos Santos below Ensenada B. C. Mexico. From Highway 1 at Maneadero, a country road runs down to the famous La Bufadora blowhole at the tip of Punta Banda.

Vonny's Fleet maintain authentic traditional panga services, beach launching, simple but comfortable lodging for traditional anglers, families with kids, seniors. All priced to fit a family budget. 

The area is known as a cold water fishery.

Lingcod, vermillion rockfish and all the species of rockfish thrive here. What makes it extra special is the warm water currents complimenting the area with pelagics including yellowtail, bonito, halibut and white seabass. With good fishing all year long.

Typically, almost all the fishing occurs within a one mile by five mile area, from about La Bufadora on the south side of the point, around the boiler rocks at the tip, and out towards Isla Todos Santos in the middle of the Bay.

Vonny's Fleet is conservative about weather safety, and about 20 days per year are canceled due to possible rough seas.

Weather at Ensenada is often cool, so a warm jacket should be brought for you morning departure, regardless of the season.

All Vonny's captains are local fishermen with years of experience on the water.

Vonny's offers a convenient fillet service and can even freeze your catch if you're staying in the area for a few days.

Frozen Bait is included with the price of your panga.

Vonny's also has a well-stocked tackle shop with most everything you'll need for the local area and also rents out appropiate tackle.

Don't forget that you need a Mexican fishing license, we have for sale for one day, week, month or year'round.






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